Data Driven Approach De-Risks Large Diameter Complex HDD
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  • Location: Australia

  • Sector: HDD

  • Application: River Crossing

  • Phases: 12.25”, 27”, 42”, 58”

  • Completion: HDPE1200

  • Length: 880m

  • Completed: Q2- 2020

Southern Cross Energy was engaged to provide Project Management, Engineering & Optimization Services. 

Large reaming step sizes introduced optimization challenges relating to on-bottom performance, tool life, hole cleaning and cuttings transport effectiveness.
Design constraints dictated a tighter annular tolerance with final hole diameter of 1473mm and a 1200mm product pipe. This was below the typical HDD industry rule of thumb requiring final hole size to be 1.3-1.5 times diameter of product pipe. Wellbore tortuosity, geometry and cleanliness needed to be assured.
Complex pipe pull involving marine, land, [multi-machine] break-over and subsurface.

An application specific fluid system was designed with low-end rheology properties that delivered sustained cuttings suspensions over extended flow state cycles and excellent transport efficiency at low velocities for a range of cuttings sizes and densities. 
Model match of mechanical specific energy, torque & drag and hydraulics throughout the borehole construction facilitated data-driven parameter selection and operational decision making. Multi-case load force modelling of the combined marine, land and subsurface works for pipe pull back allowed accurate understanding of bend stress, dynamic loads and pull force to facilitate early detection of risk impacting events. 

Commercialization of Directional Drilling Hydraulic Hammer Technology 
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Southern Cross Energy complete 3-year cooperative engagement to provide onsite project management, pre & post run engineering design, analysis and recommendations to an R&D project for the successful development of a new dowhhole directionally controlled hydraulic hammer technology.

The project was completed across a 3-stage approach over 3 years, with each year seeing a series of progressively advanced test programs that incorporated both above-ground controlled environments, followed by a sub surface drilling phase.

Stage 1: S1 incorporated the initial design tested in an above-ground controlled environment (concrete blocks) alongside a conventional DHM BHA for performance comparatives​.

Stage 2: S2 featured modifications tested with additional concrete block tests, followed by a field test by drilling a build section in localized granites​ to prove high DL directional capability.

Stage 3: S3 included further refinements tested via additional high Mpa block tests, along with in-situ testing for the drillability in localized granites, before a final commercial launch was attended by both industry and government representatives.

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Low Temperature Geothermal Well Design Options
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Southern Cross Energy was recently engaged to think outside the box and design a bespoke solution for a 5,000m low-temperature geothermal well.
Due to the low temperature nature of the well, various solutions were utilized such as the use of a dual string Vacuum-Insulated-Tubing (VIT) completion.

This completion was chosen in order to minimize the thermal losses during circulation from TD to surface and was incorporated into a closed loop binary cycle system.

The final design report was used in the project application phase and was subsequently operationalized in 2019.

Through our established network of suppliers in Mainland China, we were able to provide a cost effective yet high quality outcome for our client.

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Full suite of services utilised to optimize gas production and develop asset
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  • Location: Russia

  • Sector: Unconventional Gas

  • Services:

    • Geology & Geophysics Analysis

    • Reservoir Characterization

    • Reservoir Simulation

    • Well Test Interpretation

    • Gas Content & Isothermal Testing

    • Well Design (Drilling & Completion)

    • Production Optimization

    • Overall Development Plan

    • Project Management Services


Southern Cross Energy led a team of strategic partners to deliver a full suite of Upstream Engineering Services that concluded in delivery of an Overall Development Plan (ODP) and Drilling Pilot Project in Siberia.


Multiple well design, testing, drilling and completion technologies had historically been deployed across neighboring Greenfield operations with limited success.  Inconsistent interpretation of well test data had led to incorrect completion and stimulation designs, and this resulted in significant reservoir damage along with poor production results.

As Coal Bed Methane was an emerging sector in this region, existing methodologies and associated regulations were based around an already well established conventional oil & gas industry.  This saw significant challenges that were overcome before being able to operationalize the pilot.


SCE approached the project from multiple angles, firstly completing a comprehensive review of existing data for reinterpretation before moving to a more detail analysis phase.  Production history matching, well testing reinterpretation, resource characterization combined with in house isothermal adsorption and gas testing was undertaken in order to recharacterize the resource.  Furthermore, significant geological assessment was conducted with isopach modelling to facilitate the development of a new subsurface map and understanding of the resources area.

An updated geological and reservoir model enabled the development of an ODP with further optimize well placement.  This additionally  yielded benefits by enhancing the surface gas gathering infrastructure in a topographically challenging region.  Multiple completion designs were utilized for various reservoir targets including under-reaming, fracture stimulation and horizontal / multilateral SIS wells.

The technology and methodologies outlined in the ODP were supported with a multi-well pilot campaign that included re-completion of existing wells, along with the drilling of several new wells. The program was successful in providing gas production optimization and introducing new technology and processes to the market.

Closed Loop Drilling Automation for Saudi Aramco
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Southern Cross Energy was recently engaged to Project Manage the startup phase of a fully automated closed loop drilling system in Saudi Arabi.

The project was a colaboration between Saudi Aramco, National Oilwell Varco, Arabian Drilling Company and Baker Hughes General Electric, and was the first "fully automated" drilling operation of its kind in the Middle East.

Various top sections of the well were completed using the NOVOS rig control system, with.....

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