Project Management Services

At SCE, we are highly experienced at managing the fast-paced environment in which operational decisions must be made. Such decisions require deep technical knowledge alongside hierarchical problem-solving. This means balancing the many technical and non-technical aspects of operational needs, including risk mitigation.

Our point of difference is our extensive, hands-on experience developing, implementing, and managing a wide variety of international Oil & Gas projects. That deep knowledge base has been instrumental in our now-proven ability to successfully take key elements from established approaches and adapting them for Geothermal and HDD projects.

For our clients today, this means that our integrated model-based approach delivers reliable, predictable, and auditable outcomes with concise reporting and KPI visualisation.

Our open-book approach when working closely with clients, maximises our cost effectiveness by ensuring we are on your team when you need us, and not when you don’t.

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The hallmark of a successful project is one that is on-budget, on-time, and that meets its operational objectives. Furthermore, successful projects are those that maintain the highest levels of safety for people, equipment, and overall wellbore integrity.  Successful project management strategies see these factors not as competing priorities, but as equally important challenges to be proactively managed via a set of clearly defined systems and procedures.

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