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As with all our services, our Procurement & Logistics division offers highly responsive, as-needed support for your project.

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Some clients use us to source dumb iron such as casing, drill pipe and BHA components, while others have us source smart tools like MWD and RSS kits, and yet others have us work with engineers and factories to design and build custom solutions such as hydraulic jack-up triplex pumps and complete BOP well control spreads. We’ve even sourced entire rig spreads for start-up projects. 


Yhere are three factors that set SCE apart:

1.    Our first-hand operational experience means we ensure fit-for-purpose specifications are clearly identified prior to sourcing the right supplier.

2.    We are not tied to a single provider for key products. Instead, we have agreements in place with a wide range of suppliers which means we are able to secure the equipment that best meets your technical and budgetary requirements. For example, some projects require high-end options out of North America or the Middle East, whereas others require more budget-conscious options.

3.    We have been sourcing equipment from China for two decades, we’ve spent time living in China, and today we have people on the ground there to negotiate with and inspect factories. This means that we know the difference between the high-end and budget options on offer in China, thereby enabling selection of the right option for your projects. It also means that we can have eyes on your equipment during its specification, manufacture, quality check, and then most importantly, before final payment and shipment.

Our value is in understanding your application, having diverse and mature vendor relationships, an established QA/QC team, and proven supply chain experience to deliver anywhere in the world.

Examples of recently completed orders (below)

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Replacement DHM parts out of China

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MWD kit out of North America

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Cementing unit out of China

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Cyber base HH75 rigs out of Italy

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13-3/8" K-55 pipe out of China

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Complete directional drilling BHA out of China

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Custom triplex pumps out of China

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Custom HDD rig out of South Korea

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