Directional Drilling & M/LWD Services

At SCE we have chosen to set ourselves apart by not being constrained to a single set of equipment solutions.  This coupled with our expertise in technology and our practical drilling experience, is why we can offer clients an integrated approach to both directional drilling and optimisation services via increased uphole and downhole visibility.

Through our established network and relationships with different technology and equipment providers, we can provide next-level support for our clients by developing fully-customised solutions.  In essence, this means selecting the right combination of surface and downhole equipment, alongside fully engineered operational strategies to maximise the benefits of each customised solution.

Depending on the needs of your project, we can deploy a range of options starting from a simple monitoring capability, through to a performance/visibility-driven RSS/MLWD combo type BHA , or even the latest in remote and unmanned solutions.

For those clients who wish to reach operational independence by having their own capabilities, we can offer manpower development, training and mentoring. Our staged approach means we gradually step back as your new team become ready to step up.

Directional Drilling Services


There is no one approach to directional drilling services and therefore we do not confine ourselves to offering only one solution.

For simple wellbore placement and improved drilling performance using real-time measurement-while-drilling tools, we offer a range of mud-pulse and/or electro-magnetic MWD telemetry tools coupled with high performance drilling BHA’s to fit any budget.

For that next-level requirement, we offer our HDD clients a series of solutions that come with the added capability of high accuracy wellbore placement via magnetic ranging services.

For clients facing those additional challenges of deeper wells with a greater need for downhole visibility, we offer the option of high performance EWS DHM’s, RSS or Hyd Hammer drilling tools, coupled with real-time M/LWD combo’s using high speed mud-pulse, electro-magnetic, or wired drill pipe telemetry configurations for increased downhole visibility.

Then there’s the 'un-manned' approach where we now offer a range of

un-manned DD/MWD combo’s that can be configured in the workshop to initiate only on a preset parameter. These tools are then deployed to site but run from a central workshop, negating the need for onsite DD or MWD hands. This can yield increased cost-efficiency for clients, and multi-well projects benefit from a centralised operations centre.

Our ability to offer a range of solutions from multiple vendors gives us a competitive edge over other companies who are constrained to one specific type of in-house methodology.

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Measurement & Logging while Drilling Services


Again, there is no one approach to M&LWD services that suits all projects and drilling contexts. Therefore, we offer more than one solution.

Some clients are seeking to improve their drilling performance and decrease NPT via increased clarity of their downhole drilling dynamics, while others are needing a far greater visibility across various geophysical parameters.  By understanding a client’s end goals, we are able to match your project with the right solution from the extensive range of options that exist today.

For simplified low-tech applications we have used both memory and real-time mud-pulse and electro-magnetic tools from a variety of vendors. These have delivered economical yet operationally effective solutions for several projects.

For more complex wells requiring enhanced downhole visibility along with increased robustness for such applications as HP and HT, we offer equipment from more recognised vendors that have the performance history to match, including the sensors needed for monitoring downhole dynamics and formation properties in real-time.

Our unique ability to understand the detailed engineering behind each project affords us the opportunity to better understand and work with clients to customise their downhole requirements.

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