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Our hands-on experience across the conventional Oil & Gas, Geothermal, and Trenchless HDD sectors means that we are uniquely positioned to support your project.  We do this by drawing on the most relevant strategies and tools from each of these sectors and applying them in ways that best suit your unique application.

Unlike others, we do not rely on spreadsheets and guesswork. Instead, we have invested heavily in industry recognised software packages for geological and reservoir modelling, complete wellbore modelling and construction, and overall operations management. Our extensive use of packages such as Landmark Solutions E&P suite is enhanced even further by our operational in-field experience. That means first-hand knowledge of being onsite at 2am when this stuff really counts.

Our clients agree that this hands-on experienced approach to our engineering services contributes to project success in ways that others cannot, and we offer a fully integrated package of services that span the Design, Operations and Post-well phases of a project.

An additional point of difference you’ll find when working with SCE is the sense that we’re very much part of your in-house team as and when you need us. That on-call feel without the in-house overheads sets us apart and makes us a viable and cost-effective way of accessing a wealth of hands-on experience. 

Importantly, we work with every client to develop a customised solution for each project. This enables you to pick (and pay) for only those services that your project needs, at the time your project needs it.

Using the below table as a baseline menu, you can choose to work with us through any aspect of your projects life-cycle.

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